How K-Pop Group NewJeans Became an Overnight Fashion Favorite

How K-Pop Group NewJeans Became an Overnight Fashion Favorite

It was only a few years back when k-pop groups were trying to make the fans love them by singing, dancing and preforming. In those days, there were no makeup brands that took care of all parts of the group’s performance and made it look flawless. Nowadays, lots of makeup brands have started producing glosses for their group members – NewJeans, Solange’s lipstick, The Pink Print’s nail polish etc.

For this article we will focus on the fashion part as well reinterpretation and memes are still prominent in k-pop culture. It is a fact that many k-pop groups undergo cosplays so girls can view beautiful outfits to match their favorite K-Pop idols’ style.

K-Pop groups also host activities such as 《I heart KCON》 or 《Marathon》 where they compete with other K-Pop artists but they don’t have time to create fancams so they need accessorize

The all-girl act, which formed last year, were recently signed by Levis, anointed Seoul Fashion Week ambassadors, and individually have contracts with Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry.

The all-girl act was formed last year and is a unique style of music that is industry-specific. Members Kim Seul-gi and Lee Chae-yoon are talented singers who have the potential to become superstars. The girls’ unique style has attracted many men and women, and many fans come to see them in concerts at the same time. However, this trend didn’t come without a price. A recent scandal broke out with news that Lee Chae-yoon had been engaged to actor/singer Ahn Jae-hong (Cha Eun Woo), which caused public outrage and discussion on whether or not it was right for her to be involved with a man who was already married to another woman.

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