Bollywood Actress Bhumi Pednekar on the Comical Feedback by Fashion Critics in Her Instagram Comment Section

Bhumi Pednekar on the Comical Feedback by Fashion

In the fast-paced world of Bollywood, where style often takes center stage, actress Bhumi Pednekar is making headlines not just for her on-screen performances but also for her unapologetic fashion choices. Recently, in a behind-the-scenes video preparing for Vogue India’s Forces of Fashion event in Mumbai, Pednekar opened up about her style philosophy and how she handles the comical feedback from fashion critics in her Instagram comment section.

Embracing Empowerment Through Fashion

As the actress gets ready for the glamorous event, she shares her perspective on fashion, calling it a liberating and therapeutic experience. Despite the naysayers, Pednekar finds joy and empowerment in the process of getting ready and having control over her wardrobe. Over the past few years, she has become a familiar face at fashion weeks, fundraisers, and both international and national film events.

Reviews have praised Pednekar as a “vivacious,” “original,” and an ardent “disruptor” of style. Her structured corsets, bedazzling jewelry, and edgy take on sarees, showcased on her Instagram feed, serve as both inspiration for many and a reason for some to express their disapproval openly.

Breaking Boundaries in Fashion and Film

“I enjoy breaking boundaries and barriers and challenging myself. I think my films also support that thought as well,” says Pednekar. As she takes us through her routine and thought process behind dressing up, she emphasizes the idea that her mood dictates her look for the day.

Fashion, according to Pednekar, is about the freedom to choose who you want to be on a given day and what message you want to convey. Designers have long been storytellers, making fashion a powerful tool for communication, and Pednekar is living proof that she allows her day to dictate her choices.

Taking Instagram Comments with a Pinch of Salt

Amidst laughter and a few jokes, Pednekar sheds light on the not-always-polite comments she receives on Instagram. Navigating the challenging industry of fashion, even the bold and brave can become fodder for public critique. From “Didi yeh kya pehna hai?” to “Yeh parachute pehen ke aap kaha jaa rahe ho?”, Pednekar shares her amusement at these comments, taking the internet critics’ commentary with a pinch of salt.

In a world where opinions on fashion vary widely, Bhumi Pednekar stands out as a confident individual who embraces her unique style, unafraid to experiment and express herself. As she gracefully handles both admiration and criticism, Pednekar continues to make a mark not just in the world of cinema but also in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

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