Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today: Compare Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple Prices Across CoinSwitch, Coinbase, WazirX and Other Major Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today
Coin Name (Code)PriceChange (24h)Market CapVolume (24h)Buy Coin
Bitcoin(BTC)₹ 23,76,173▲+33,217+1.42%₹ 46.0T₹ 151.1BBuy on Binance+8 options
Ethereum(ETH)₹ 1,55,257▲+2,563+1.68%₹ 18.7T₹ 759.4BBuy on BuyUcoin+8 options
Tether(USDT)₹ 81.76▼-0.14-0.17%₹ 6.7T₹ 1.3TBuy on BuyUcoin+6 options
Binance Coin(BNB)₹ 26,656▲+210+0.79%₹ 4.2T₹ 59.4BBuy on BuyUcoin+7 options
USD Coin(USDC)₹ 81.80◀▶0.000.00%₹ 2.5T₹ 310.2BBuy on Coinbase+5 options
Ripple(XRP)₹ 37.60▼-0.01-0.02%₹ 2.0T₹ 12.3BBuy on Binance+7 options
Cardano(ADA)₹ 32.2▲+0.51+1.61%₹ 1.1T₹ 3.3BBuy on Binance+7 options
Dogecoin(DOG)₹ 6.47▲+0.06+0.97%₹ 901.1B₹ 4.3BBuy on Binance+7 options
Polygon(MATIC)₹ 81.51▲+1.15+1.43%₹ 754.5B₹ 5.6BBuy on Binance+6 options
Solana(SOL)₹ 1,811.27▲+32.72+1.84%₹ 714.4B₹ 7.1BBuy on Binance+7 options
Polkadot(DOT)₹ 469.75▲+4.42+0.95%₹ 554.7B₹ 1.3BBuy on Binance+5 options
Litecoin(LTC)₹ 7,192.74▼-11.45-0.16%₹ 525.2B₹ 4.3BBuy on Binance+7 options
TRON(TRX)₹ 5.66▼-0.02-0.43%₹ 512.7B₹ 2.4BBuy on Binance+7 options
Binance USD(BUSD)₹ 81.79▲+0.01+0.01%₹ 489.8B₹ 25.8BBuy on Binance+5 options
Shiba Inu(SHIB)₹ 0.000818▲+0.000002+0.20%₹ 482.8B₹ 1.4BBuy on Binance+5 options
Avalanche(AVAX)₹ 1,393.22▲+27+1.98%₹ 459.8B₹ 1.9BBuy on Binance+5 options
Wrapped Bitcoin(WBTC)₹ 20,65,456◀▶0.000.00%₹ 367.0B₹ 984.38Buy on Bitbns+3 options
Chainlink(LINK)₹ 577.66▲+7.94+1.39%₹ 299.1B₹ 1.9BBuy on Binance+7 options
UNUS SED LEO(LEO)₹ 299.17▼-0.81-0.27%₹ 278.2B₹ 44.6MBuy on CoinMarketCap
Cosmos(ATOM)₹ 903.18▲+3.3+0.34%₹ 259.0B₹ 1.4BBuy on Binance+4 options
Uniswap(UNI)₹ 436.70▲+6.38+1.48%₹ 252.5B₹ 354.5MBuy on Binance+4 options
Monero(XMR)₹ 10,500▲+4.98+0.05%₹ 233.3B₹ 65.70Buy on Bitbns+4 options
Stellar(XLM)₹ 7.65▲+0.05+0.65%₹ 204.9B₹ 228.2MBuy on Binance+6 options
Bitcoin Cash(BCH)₹ 9,694.49▲+16.36+0.17%₹ 188.0B₹ 314.9MBuy on Binance+6 options
Cronos(CRO)₹ 5.79▼-0.11-1.86%₹ 146.3B₹ 1.4BBuy on BuyUcoin+2 options
NEAR Protocol(NEAR)₹ 152.98▲+3.76+2.52%₹ 137.2B₹ 896.0MBuy on Binance+3 options
EOS Coin(EOS)₹ 83.45▲+0.25+0.29%₹ 91.1B₹ 609.1MBuy on Binance+6 options
Aave(AAVE)₹ 5,831.95▲+216.33+3.85%₹ 84.0B₹ 3.8BBuy on BuyUcoin+4 options
Decentraland(MANA)₹ 44.10▲+1.2+2.37%₹ 82.9B₹ 477.6MBuy on Binance+7 options
Elrond(EGLD)₹ 3,235.59▼-14.73-0.45%₹ 82.2B₹ 690.8MBuy on Binance+4 options
NEO Coin(NEO)₹ 832.1▲+12.27+1.50%₹ 58.8B₹ 383.0MBuy on Binance+5 options
Bitcoin SV(BSV)₹ 2,682.82▼-21.92-0.81%₹ 51.6B₹ 1.9BBuy on CoinMarketCap+2 options
Zcash(ZEC)₹ 3,006.54▲+7.95+0.27%₹ 49.1B₹ 2.0BBuy on Coinbase+3 options
IOTA(MIOTA)₹ 16.31▲+0.57+3.64%₹ 45.3B₹ 718.1MBuy on CoinMarketCap+1 option
Dash(DASH)₹ 3,992.33▲+70.36+1.79%₹ 45.0B₹ 222.3MBuy on Binance+5 options
FTX Token(FTT)₹ 120.10▲+2.13+1.81%₹ 39.7B₹ 2.1BBuy on CoinMarketCap+2 options
Zilliqa(ZIL)₹ 2.23▲+0.02+0.96%₹ 35.4B₹ 428.0MBuy on Binance+6 options
Terra(LUNA)₹ 0.01▼-100.67-99.99%₹ 26.6B₹ 3.5BBuy on CoinMarketCap+3 options
NEM(XEM)₹ 2.93▲+0.04+1.42%₹ 26.4B₹ 71.6MBuy on Binance+4 options
Baby Doge Coin(BABYDOGE)₹ 0.00000021▼-0.0000000023-1.07%₹ 24.9B₹ 642.8MBuy on CoinMarketCap+1 option
Qtum(QTUM)₹ 199.1▲+0.01+0.01%₹ 24.1B₹ 5.37Buy on Bitbns+3 options Price in India₹ 26.4▲+0.51+1.99%₹ 21.4B₹ 1.3BBuy on Binance+4 options
SushiSwap(SUSHI)₹ 84.43▲+1.80+2.18%₹ 19.4B₹ 241.5MBuy on Binance+4 options
Cartesi(CTSI)₹ 17.83▼-0.63-3.41%₹ 13.1B₹ 1.1BBuy on Binance+4 options
Braintrust(BTRST)₹ 66.26▼-1.36-2.02%₹ 9.4B₹ 47.6MBuy on CoinMarketCap+1 option
Mobox(MBOX)₹ 39.82▼-0.29-0.73%₹ 7.6B₹ 395.5MBuy on Coinbase+2 options
Ardor(ARDR)₹ 7.31▲+0.19+2.67%₹ 7.3B₹ 308.1MBuy on Coinbase+2 options
Augur(REP)₹ 410.10◀▶0.000.00%₹ 6.5B₹ 147.63Buy on Bitbns+1 option
Spell Token(SPELL)₹ 0.054734▲+0.000457+0.84%₹ 5.9B₹ 410.4MBuy on Coinbase+1 option
DIA(DIA)₹ 26.83▼-0.08-0.30%₹ 2.5B₹ 21.1MBuy on Binance+3 options
BurgerCities(BURGER)₹ 49.12▲+0.51+1.04%₹ 1.9B₹ 352.8MBuy on Coinbase+1 option
Circuits of Value(COVAL)₹ 0.85▼-0.01-0.76%₹ 1.5B₹ 5.2MBuy on CoinMarketCap+1 option
DOGEFI(DOGEFI)₹ 22.91▼-0.001543-0.01%₹ 22.9MBuy on CoinMarketCap
Bitcoin Hedge(BTCHG)₹ 0.90▼-0.000184-0.02%Buy on CoinMarketCap+1 option
Underdog(DOG)₹ 0.002124▼-0.090667-97.71%₹ 40.1MBuy on CoinMarketCap
FLEX(FLEX)₹ 0.000461▼-0.000040-8.12%₹ 5.8MBuy on Coinbase+1 option
Floki Inu(FLOKI)₹ 0.000013▲+0.000013+2699345.32%Buy on Coinbase+1 option
Gas(GAS)₹ 0.000096▲+0.000001+1.99%₹ 12.1MBuy on Coinbase+3 options
Husky(HUSKY)₹ 0.00000001◀▶0.000000000.00%Buy on Coinbase+1 option
Nano Dogecoin(INDC)₹ 0.00000004▼0.0000000000-0.01%Buy on CoinMarketCap
Kishu Inu(KISHU)₹ 0.00000003▼-0.0000000011-3.21%₹ 85.4MBuy on CoinMarketCap
Doge Killer(LEASH)₹ 27,705▼-166.37-0.60%₹ 96.1MBuy on CoinMarketCap
Status(SNT)₹ 0.41▲+0.002535+0.61%Buy on Coinbase+2 options
WETH(WETH)₹ 1,55,299▲+2,460.92+1.61%₹ 110.7BBuy on Coinbase+1 option
Cryptocurrency Prices in India Today: Compare Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ripple Prices Across CoinSwitch, Coinbase, WazirX and Other Major Exchanges

The cryptocurrency market is currently on a major bull run, with Bitcoin hitting a record high of $9,000. Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, with more than $800 million in market capitalization.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies and their price has been rising steadily since last year.

The cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular as a way to store value. They are also gaining interest from investors, who want to get exposure to the crypto markets.

This is a news page that tracks all the latest news about cryptocurrency that you can read in on.

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