Samsung Bans ChatGPT, AI Chatbots Data Leak Blunder

Samsung Bans ChatGPT, AI Chatbots Data Leak Blunder

Although there are many smartphone companies in the market, but there are some well-known brands whose names are on people’s lips. Samsung is the world’s largest mobile phone company, most of the smartphones are bought and sold in the world. Samsung is the biggest company in the mobile industry. It does business of crores every year. In February, Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series globally. Meanwhile, news has come out about the company that Samsung is working on its own AI chatbot.

Some employees of Samsung’s Korea-based semiconductor business leaked company information on Chat GPT. It means to say that these employees used to put the company’s data chat on GPT for coding and with the help of that they used to do many types of work. When the executive of Samsung came to know about this, he immediately banned Chat GPT and cautioned the employees and asked them not to use Chat GPT as it collects data which may create problems for the company in the future. Not once but thrice in a month, AI chatbot leaked personal data. Let us tell you, Chat GPT‘s company Open AI itself has said that do not put your valuable data in the chatbot because the company does not have any algorithm that can eliminate the data. It is said that the company cannot delete some of your history. Even after the new changes, OpenAI’s new privacy system may have included new controls for data, but Samsung is no longer ready to rely on chatbots at all. Samsung Semiconductor is reportedly working on its own letters for employees’ internal use to avoid making such mistakes in the future. However, it will still be limited to 1024 processing signals in size.
Samsung’s problem is not with AI but with chatbots of other companies. According to reports, the company has started working on it. It will be used for software development, translation and maintenance of necessary documents. Companies such as JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citigroup have also closed or terminated ChatGPT for this reason. ChatGPT was temporarily shut down in Italy until OpenAI provided an explicit way for users under 13 or under 18 to opt out of data sharing and age restrictions with parental permission. Not implemented.
More recently, OpenAI has also released an “incognito mode” that allows users to delete their chat history. OpenAI says it is working on a ChatGPT system for businesses that won’t share chat data by default.

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