Anupam Mittal Slams Google Once More, Urges CCI to Deliver a Lesson: ‘Inko Sabak Sikhao’

Anupam Mittal Slams Google

Anupam Mittal Slams Google

In a relentless battle against what he deems as Google’s oppressive revenue-extraction tactics on the Play Store, Anupam Mittal, the founder of Shaadi Dot Com, has intensified his criticism. His latest attack comes in the wake of Alphabet’s recent loss in a lawsuit against Epic Games, highlighting growing concerns over antitrust issues in the tech industry. Mittal points to a pivotal decision by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) over a year ago, where Google was fined a substantial Rs 1337.76 crore for abusing its dominant position. Despite this, Mittal alleges that Google remains defiant, flouting the CCI’s judgment with impunity. This blog explores Mittal’s call to action, urging the CCI to enforce its ruling and deliver a powerful lesson to the tech giant.

The Epic Games Lawsuit Fallout:

Anupam Mittal’s critique gains significance in the aftermath of Alphabet’s legal setback against gaming giant Epic Games. The lawsuit’s outcome raises questions about the tech industry’s adherence to antitrust laws, providing a backdrop for Mittal’s latest condemnation of Google’s practices.

CCI’s Landmark Judgment:

Over a year ago, the CCI delivered a landmark judgment, penalizing Google with a substantial fine for abusing its dominant position. The Rs 1337.76 crore penalty was a clear indication of the regulatory body’s commitment to curbing monopolistic practices and promoting fair competition in the market.

Allegations of Continued Defiance:

Mittal accuses Google of disregarding the CCI’s judgment and continuing its exploitative practices on the Play Store. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of regulatory measures and the need for stringent enforcement to ensure compliance.

Mittal’s Call to Action:

As a prominent entrepreneur, Mittal doesn’t merely criticize; he calls for action. Urging the CCI to enforce its ruling, Mittal seeks to hold Google accountable for its actions and send a powerful message that no company is above the law.

Tech Behemoth Under Scrutiny:

The blog delves into the broader implications of Mittal’s allegations, shedding light on the growing scrutiny of tech giants and the need for regulatory bodies to actively monitor and penalize anticompetitive practices.

Anupam Mittal’s vocal stance against Google’s Play Store practices reflects a larger conversation about the responsibilities of tech companies and the role of regulatory bodies in maintaining a fair and competitive market. As the call for accountability grows louder, the CCI faces the task of ensuring that its landmark judgment is not just a fine on paper but a catalyst for change in the tech industry.

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