Shark Tank India’s Anupam Mittal Slams Google For ‘Illegal’ User Choice Billing System

Shark Tank India's Anupam Mittal Slams Google For 'Illegal' User Choice Billing System

Many people are unaware of this but ‘Shark Tank India‘ is perhaps one of the most popular shows on Indian television. The show creates a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their product and get investments in exchange for a percentage of the company’s shares.

Anupam Mittal, the founder and host of ‘Shark Tank India’, recently spoke out against Google’s new policy to charge its users with a $1 per month subscription fee that they can choose to opt out of with their mobile phone settings. The move towards this type of service by Google has been called illegal by Mittal because it restricts choice for consumers in an unethical manner.

Mittal argues that this policy impoverishes the consumer further as it forces them into an unfair contract with Google 。 With his strong words on social media, he has compelled many people to think about whether these services like Netflix and Spotify should also be subjected to such hefty fees.

The internet giant, Google, is one company that is against the idea of monopolies. This is why they are taking measures to ensure that they are not breaking any rules and guidelines set by the CCI.

Antitrust guidelines given by the CCI to comply with this new guideline include ensuring “data portability” and “consumer control”.

You might be wondering what would happen to your favorite apps with this latest Google policy. Well, they will be gone. That’s right! Google is forcing app developers to comply with the newer policy or their apps will be removed from the Play Store and too bad for them!

Anupam Mittal, head of monetization products for India at Google, recently issued a statement saying that he had been told by officials at Google that their apps would no longer be distributed on the Play Store if they didn’t start using this new payment policy on April 26th.

The new payment policies is all about how app makers should make money by allowing users to opt in or out of in-app purchases with a single tap.

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