WhatsApp’s Latest Update Boosts Group Video Call Capacity to 15 Participants

WhatsApp's Latest Update

WhatsApp, the renowned messaging platform owned by Meta, has recently introduced an exciting new update to enhance its group video call feature. With this update, Android beta users can now enjoy group video calls with up to 15 participants, a significant improvement over the previous limit of seven participants. While the feature is currently in the beta testing phase and might not be available to all users immediately, those interested can update their WhatsApp app to the specified versions to access this enhanced functionality. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of how to use this feature, its benefits, and what iOS users can expect in the future.

The Power of Enhanced Group Video Calls

WhatsApp’s latest update for its Android beta users brings a valuable enhancement to group video calls. The new feature allows users to initiate group video calls with up to 15 participants right from the outset. Prior to this update, users were restricted to adding participants after the call had already started, which could be cumbersome for those managing larger group video conversations.

How to Start a Group Video Call

To take advantage of the improved group video call capacity, Android beta users can follow these simple steps:

Open WhatsApp and navigate to the “Calls” tab.
Tap on the “Create Call” button located at the top of the screen.
Choose the option to initiate a new group video call.
Select participants from your contact list, up to a maximum of 15.
By streamlining the process of initiating group video calls, this update offers users a smoother and more inclusive experience, particularly for those who frequently host larger gatherings.

Beta Programme: Early Access to New Features

WhatsApp’s beta programme provides Android users with the opportunity to get early access to unreleased features and test upcoming updates. Enrolling in the beta programme allows users to be among the first to experience exciting new features like the expanded group video call capacity. To join the beta programme, users can follow the official guidelines provided by WhatsApp.

The Road Ahead for iOS Users

As of now, the enhanced group video call feature is exclusively available for Android beta users. iOS users will have to wait for an official announcement from WhatsApp regarding the rollout of this update for their platform. Nevertheless, WhatsApp’s commitment to improving the user experience suggests that this feature might be introduced to iOS users in the future.


WhatsApp’s recent update that expands group video call capacity to 15 participants demonstrates the company’s dedication to enhancing user interactions and experiences on its platform. While currently limited to Android beta users, this update promises smoother and more inclusive group video conversations for those who host larger gatherings. For Android users eager to explore new features before they’re officially released, joining WhatsApp’s beta programme is an excellent option. As we anticipate further updates from WhatsApp, iOS users can also look forward to enjoying this valuable feature in the future.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is based on WhatsApp’s update announcement for its Android beta users as of [current date]. Future developments or changes to the feature may occur, so we recommend staying tuned to WhatsApp’s official announcements for the latest updates.

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