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Are you interested in contributing to the Post Finger team as a writer?

Do you want to write a tech article for a blog but have so far been searching for “write for us,” “tech,” and “technology?” Here it is; you’ll find it more appropriate and have the chance to implement it.

If you’ve done your research, you know that there are plenty of great places for SEO writers to post guest blogs. Some of these chances to participate in our group are presented here. You will learn a lot and may even have to do some research on the topic.

All you have to do is share your thoughts and methods of expression with us so that our civility can flourish. To now, we have established ourselves fairly prominently on the most prominent guest blogging platform, and all of our entries have been accepted.

We’re also cognizant of the fact that guest bloggers are always being pitched new guest post possibilities. As a result, you may have a lot of concerns about this facet. Consequently, you can contact us whenever you like, and we’ll answer all your questions as quickly as we can.

What are we looking for? – Guest Post | Email us!

We need people who can come up with original solutions to problems and have plenty of creative energy to spare. The greatest candidates would be those who are given significant screen time in the research article and are able to contribute substantive ideas.

Most importantly, we need SEO-savvy authors who are willing to share their expertise with the world. Contributions from members of the community who are eager to share their enthusiasm for writing about cutting-edge tech and the latest developments in the field are welcome and appreciated.

We’re looking for top-tier content creators, and if we find them, we’ll train them to become top-tier members of our blogging team. They’re the kind of aspiring tech bloggers you’ll want to encourage.

We only accept blog postings from those we believe are capable of and interested in helping us accomplish this task. Start working on your post as soon as feasible if you are confident that you can do everything we need and create the greatest topics on the most recent changes.

One thing to keep in mind is to read over all the information we give you carefully before submitting your entries. If you can, it would be very appreciated.

Policies for submitting content

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting content for publication on our websites.

As a first step, pick out a few ideas for what you want to include in your post. The next step is for you to submit us a few examples of the themes you’re interested in writing about, and from there we’ll select and assign you two or three to research and write about.

Authentic Article

Think about what you want to write for us and pitch the idea before we even introduce ourselves. The quality of your article’s content is the single most important factor in this process.

That means you don’t steal the content from another website and submit it to us as your own. You should have a research paper ready before you start writing, but beware of plagiarising any of the material. Please refrain from sending us any materials that could be interpreted as an endorsement of the brands.

Size of Item

There should be no more than 2000 words in your article.

Theme submission

Now let’s talk about the meat of your topic: it should include both background knowledge and the most recent technological developments. In addition, the content should have updates on the latest Gadgets, gadgets, and other technological developments.


The success of your post relies on the care with which it is formatted. Therefore, it is imperative that your article looks nice and appeals to us. You must ensure that your subtitles and titles are optimised and in the correct order.


If you want your content to stand out, you should probably include some relevant photographs. However, when uploading photos, they must be your own original work and not a copy. If yes, could you email us the link to the original source?

Ownership of content for editorial purposes

The review process ensures that your work is at a high enough quality for editing. We reserve the right to oversee and revise all finite particulars. As a result, you will have to concede to our suggestion that you revise the text you’ve already produced.

How to send

How to send
It is very important to hear from you, which is the first step involved. We treat each of you as part of our team. This means that we would be very grateful to hear from you and your experience.

Therefore, you will need to provide us with a simple and short biography of yourself with no more than 70 words. He can also share some of the articles that she has previously published. She may be thinking, why are we asking her for this?

So this is not a mandatory thing, but it does bring you one step closer to getting their approval. This means that if your application is selected, you will soon receive a response from us with some more important instructions.

Guest post email: “ postfingerr@gmail.com “

user name: albert

password: QrISKNK&cRupcmOqC^pHee

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