NASA’s Webb Telescope Captures Awe-Inspiring New Image Of A Massive Star On The Verge Of Going Supernova

NASA's Webb Telescope Captures Awe-Inspiring New Image Of A Massive Star On The Verge Of Going Supernova

On Wednesday, the James Webb Space Telescope captured a brilliant new image of an enormous star on the verge of going supernova. It is located in our own galaxy, which is called NGC 6822.

james webb space telescope
Credit: NASA// Structure Of Star

The webb telescope has been taken by storm by scientists and journalists as they are currently below its viewing capacity after being launched in March 2018. They have already captured images from multiple astronomical objects including planets and galaxies.

NASA’s James Webb Telescope was recently launched into space with a $9 billion price tag to be able to observe both distant stars and galaxies. It is able to provide observations that can’t be done via other telescopes today because it has a 6-meter gold mirror that collects about 100 times more light than any other telescope ever built before it.

The James Webb Space Telescope is a space observatory that will be the successor to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. If completed, it will be the most powerful space telescope ever created. It has a segmented mirror with a diameter of 6.5 meters and an amazing litany of technological innovations built in, so that it is able to capture both visible as well as infrared light – its key purpose is to study the first galaxies formed in the early universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled for launch in October 2018 and will be the successor of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope upon completion. It has been designed with an impressive litany of technological innovations that makes it possible to capture both visible and infrared light, giving viewers a better insight on how galaxies came into existence.

Cover Image: NASA


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