IndusInd Bank Share Price

IndusInd Bank share price

The stock market is an oftenentimes confusing and risky place. However, there are a few stocks that you can consider investing in if you want to make some money over the long haul. One such stock is IndusInd Bank Ltd. (INDB). Today, we are going to take a look at why IndusInd Bank is a great investment and what factors you should consider when making your decision. After reading this blog post, you should have a better idea of whether or not INDB is right for you.

What is the IndusInd Bank share price?

The IndusInd Bank share price was Rs. 448.70 as of 2:00 PM on the BSE. stock has been trading in a range of Rs. 428.05 to Rs. 458.65 over the past few days, with a volume of 4,691 shares traded so far today (Thursday).

IndusInd Bank share price performance in recent years

Since its establishment in 1999, IndusInd Bank has been consistently profitable. In the last fiscal year (FY17), the bank reported net profit of Rs 3,249 crore on revenue of Rs 128,245 crore. This translated into a return on equity (RoE) of 16.1%. The bank’s performance has been buoyed by strong asset quality and robust credit growth.

The bank’s total assets reached Rs 2.24 trillion at the end of FY17, up from Rs 1.92 trillion a year earlier. This is mainly due to the steady growth in loans and advances portfolio. Gross non-performing assets (GNA) fell from 2% of total assets in FY15 to 0.4% at the end of FY17 driven by strong credit demand and stringent underwriting standards.

The bank also continues to make good progress in terms of operational efficiency. Between January and December 2017, it achieved an average processing time for transactions lower than 24 hours across all channels – online, mobile banking, call centres and branches – for the eighth consecutive quarter.

Looking forward, IndusInd Bank is expecting slower loan growth but higher credit quality in FY18 as well as stable income from operations and fee income due to increased offerings across its products and services range

IndusInd Bank share price forecast for the next year

The IndusInd Bank share price is forecasted to rise during the next year. The company has been seeing positive growth in their business, as well as increased borrowing and lending activity. Additionally, they have been making moves to expand their operations into new markets. This is expected to improve their bottom line and lead to an increase in their share price.


The share price of IndusInd Bank has been on a steady rise in recent months, reaching new highs recently. While this might seem like good news for shareholders, it’s important to keep in mind that the bank is still facing significant challenges. We believe that there are opportunities for IndusInd Bank to continue growing its business and reach new heights, but only if the bank can address its weaknesses. Keep an eye on the share price and stay informed about developments at IndusInd Bank so you can decide whether or not it’s worth investing in this company.